Viral Marketing

What is the purpose of Viral Marketing?

Viral MarketingImagine that your business just created a new product or service and you had the option of spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on newspaper ads, TV commercials or radio advertisements to get "the word out". What if you could spend $0 and get more impact then wasting all of that money? Is that possible?


By using already established networks, groups, and networks a business can use available outlets to get a campaign to go "VIRAL" meaning that individuals actually spread the message through a self-replicating process similar to how a virus spreads.

Viral Marketing can take the form of videos, emails, word-of-mouth, blogs, ebooks or images.

The effectiveness of this technique relies on the pre-existing networks and channels that the individual or business uses for communication. As well as the pass-along frequency that the networks/channels facilitate.

Our experts at Picture This help businesses design and implement internet marketing strategies that leverage existing networks so that all communications go viral.

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